Twisted Monk as The Bad Cop

Elust #2

Twisted Monk as The Bad Cop Elust 2Photo courtesy of Twisted Monk (photo credit

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This Week’s Top Three Posts

The Heart of Darkness “I swear that man can sense my fear like a hound scenting a rabbit, and just like the hound, his blood rises to it.”

Forever…“Forever is a beautiful idea, a wonderful goal, but it’s not a magic spell.

His First Fuck “He stood there, obviously nervous, obviously aroused by what he had been witness to seconds earlier.”

elust Editress

I Dare You “Aided by our clutches of printed papers, me hiding my nipples that could cut glass and him hiding the hard bulge in his dress pants, we scurried back to our cubes where the messages flew back and forth.”

Featured Post

Who am I?“I’ve been through a lot of shit in my life and couldn’t fit it all on one piece of poster board.”

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All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days.  Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

First. Confession #380
In Defense of Squirting
Gender, Buck Angel, and Me
G Spot Orgasms: It’s all about the clitoris
They May be Bi, But They’re Still Boys
Why I Sometimes Fake Orgasms
Wonderland:  The British in Bed

Kink & Fetish

The Workout (fiction)
I Am Not Clark Kent
Lips Parted
She brought her own toys
Rope Bondage: Hemp vs. Mfp
Phew! Another Hole
My virginity and how I lost it..
Spicing it up: Bondage Materials

Sex News, Interviews, Politics & Humor

20 Questions with Cyd
This Ain’t No Disney
A Thank You Note
Vegas Virgins
Sex and Happiness

Erotic Writing

1 Full Body Massage / 1 Happy Ending
The Slut Chronicles #7 ~ I Said No
To Do List
the date
And Your Hands and Your Lips and Your Tongue Tricks
Oh Fuuuck
I Get Around
Sometimes, Love Hurts
In The Dark
Making Up
Quickie – A Good Girl
What I Want You To Do To Me
Hitachi Fun
Her Curves
marks she left
Wicked Wednesday: I Love Watching You Watching Me
Birthday Boy
Fucking & Making Love
Thy Mother and Thy Father: A Vodoun Love Spell
What Just Happened?
Happy Birthday Me
What Cums Around


HNT Shadow Elust #1 Image

Elust #1

HNT Shadow image Elust #1

HNT Courtesy of Coy Pink

Welcome to the first edition of Elust! Below is your source for inspirations of lust and sexual intelligence from a wide range of sex bloggers. Want to be included in the next edition? Submission period opens for Elust # 2 on November 20th – subscribe to the RSS feed and Twitter for all updates! Check out the submission guidelines and rules of general conduct here.

This week’s top three picks as chosen by fellow Elust participants:


At Your Service – His hand pushes on my thigh and I turn away from him, allowing him to inspect my ass. His hands spread my ass cheeks and again I flood with wetness.

Cinderella – “‘I want to fuck you…’ he growled, nipping at her neck and kissing down over her breasts, biting at her nipples through the fabric, making her cry out.


Anal Sex Pt 2: The Ins and Outs of Butt Sex – Butt sex is what you make of it. Enjoy yourselves, be careful, and try everything that looks interesting.

Editor’s Pick:


The Slut Chronicles #5 – The Flight Delay – “When her eye caught his blatantly checking her out, he only grinned wider, with no remorse at all and it was she who blushed furiously.”

A note from the editor: And so it begins…

See also: Pleasurist’s #54 for your sex toy review needs.

All blogs that have a submission in this edition must re-post this digest from tip-to-toe on their blogs within 7 days.  Re-posting the photo is optional and the use of the “read more…” tag is allowable after this point. Thank you, and enjoy!

Erotic Writing

Just A Little Taste
Older and Better Than Ever

Good Morning

Your Eyes

MFM: The Student. The Teacher.

Get Me Off

The Club & Introductory Note

Don’t Come

The City

Howl at the Moon



The Devil Inside

One of the Greats

Room Service

Kink & Fetish

A Busy Night
Bad Taste?


The Illusion of Beginning: Pt 1

“You hit me…”


Too Many Buttons

Nadia’s Wishing Box

The Mason Jar

So Sexy Boots

Thoughts & Advice on Sex & Relationships

Swing Shift Vol. 18 – Safe Sex and Getting Tested
Libido Resurrection Programme™

Check Up

Oh, Baby, Baby

UnderRated: Fucking the Mind

Sex News, Interviews, Politics & Humor

Vixen Invites
I’m Quoted in Time Out NY!

Top Five Tuesday – Euro Studs

She Makes Me Feel Like a Whore


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A Note from the Editor: And so it begins…

A Note from the Editor: And so it begins…


38! I must admit that I did not expect 38 bloggers to participate in the first edition of e[lust]. Perhaps since the concept is 4 years old (Sugasm started in 2005) I shouldn’t be surprised – but nonetheless I am.

When I sat down to really think about all that is involved in getting each digest out I knew that it would be hard work. Not so much time-consuming work, because I put out a call for people to help and the response was amazing, but hard work because of my ADD and my ability to fuck-up even the simplest of tasks at times. Did I forget this? Did I do that? There’s 38 links there….are they all accurate? No repeats? etc etc ad naseum. Rules that I forgot, rules that I decided to change, guidelines that I didn’t make clear, assumptions I shouldn’t have assumed….these are the hard things I didn’t count on. So while the first edition did not go smoothly….it still went. It’s here! Please visit the lovely assistants who helped out with this edition, they’re over there in a special category in the sidebar.

I would love feedback if you have it – the site layout, the guidelines, etc. One informal poll that I put out to Twitter was wondering if participants should be able to vote for their own submissions in the voting for Top Three. My inclination is no – I never voted for my own when participating in Sugasm, but I don’t recall if that was specified or not. If I automatically gave everyone a vote because voting for oneself is allowed – then everyone is still just as equal as they were in the beginning. If you have a opinion with a good reason to the contrary, please speak up! I am considering going a different route with the voting, and my thoughts are down there in that poll. I’ll let it ruminate for an edition or two and see what people think.




I started this project for many reasons but the biggest is that Sugasm was good exposure for new and established blogs alike. Some bloggers are going to say “I could give hang if I have 500 readers or 5”. To that I say: Why talk if no one is listening? I changed a few guidelines that Sugasm had and kept many others. But I really want to know YOUR thoughts – as a reader or as a participant. I know of a few people – some participating in this edition and some still waiting to see what’ll happen – who felt that Sugasm was very “clique -y”. If so, how does one prevent that? My attempt was by including people in the e-vite and following them on Twitter regardless of my personal knowledge or opinion of them.  Looking at the first edition I can see a variety of bloggers and that makes me happy. I hope I can make this “borderless” as much as possible.

Thanks to all who were a part of this!

Your Editor,


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Introduction to Elust 101

Elust can’t pretend to be something innovative and new; it’s not. It was born from the absence of the “founding father” of the sex blogger digest, Sugasm. Sugasm provided an excellent source for the sex blog community and we hope that e[lust] can somewhat pick up the reigns. You will see many similarities with regards to format, rules and function but with a few changes that will hopefully encourage more bloggers and fewer commercial sites. We really liked the draw of all participants voting for their favorite submissions so that is one big feature from Sugasm that will be kept.


  • If you want to be included in each issue of Elust, you have to submit your post!
  • The participants of each digest will vote on their top 2/3 favorite posts, with the top 3 picks getting first billing on the issue
  • The layout of the postings will be very similar to Sugasm
  • Limit to one post inclusion in each digest, per blog

New and (hopefully) improved:

  • Only original content can be submitted – if you didn’t write most of  it then it’s not eligible.
  • Sex toy reviews won’t be accepted and instead should be listed with Pleasurists. Each digest of e[lust] will have a link to the most recent Pleasurists post (or 2 posts if there’s more than a week between each e[lust])
  • Posts that are strictly photos/video/audio won’t be accepted.
  • Each digest of e[lust] will feature a recent HNT photo, chosen by the editor. We hope to get a wide range of HNT participants included over time. Each week we will also feature an HNT photo over in the sidebar.
  • Participants must post the full digest (photo optional) on their blog. We feel this is the most fair and effective way to go about it. Think about it: if you didn’t make the top 3 and most participants don’t re-post the full digest…you’re not getting much exposure, are you? Participants are definitely allowed to use the “Read More” tag after the top portion of the digest – this allows for part of the long post to show on your main blog, and readers can click through to the individual post on your blog to see the full list. WordPress includes this in their editor; blogspot bloggers must tweak their css code to have the “read more” tag available. There are two different, easy tutorials on how to do it; it’s a useful option to have even for other posts on your blog.

Currently, each new e[lust] digest will come out every other week.

Don’t be shy about submitting your posts – it doesn’t have to be perfect, it doesn’t have to be a specific length or topic. Just pick your favorite post of the week that you would like to get more exposure on.