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Changes at Elust

Take a deep breath, it is all okay. While there are changes, they are not huge and Elust will continue much as it has before. So now to the news. Molly will be stepping down as the Editor of Elust. She has too many other projects going to devote the time to Elust that it deserves. So instead of searching for a new editor I want to offer all the Elust judges a chance to be a guest editor each month. The talented and wonderful @thereon_cara has offered to be our first guest editor. So if you are currently a judge for Elust and would like to claim a slot as the guest editor, please send an email to submissions@dev.elustsexblogs.com If you’d like to be a judge we are always looking to expand the pool, so email me there too.


The other changes will happen over the course of 2020 both here and Sexbytes. They will largely be cosmetic and a fresh look for both sites. I will also be looking for companies to sponsor Elust so that I can devote more time and resources to grow Elust and in doing so help all of you to do better. If you have something to promote and wish to sponsor a monthly Elust cycle please do contact me. This doesn’t just apply to big companies. If you have a shop on your site or have a small sex positive business or even just want to promote your blog or website site we want to promote you too.

Sexbytes is currently not working and that needs to be completely rebuilt for the new WordPress developments. I plan to have it running by the end of January, the good lord willing and the creek don’t rise.


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